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Record Breaking Jewelry!

People have a tendency to want to race to be the best. It’s amazing how many of us have an innate desire to be the best at something…even if it seems trivial or unusual. This isn’t always a bad thing, though! A little competition never hurts, so long as everyone is civil and respectful about it. And we really love when people get competitive over jewelry – the results are dazzle-blinding, amazing, and often nothing short of jaw-dropping.

The Guinness Book of World Records can turn up some pretty cool records when you do a search for “jewelry” on their website. We’ve picked our favorites to share with you!

4. The world’s largest carved sapphire.

The World's Largest Carved Sapphire

Weighing in at over 35 lbs, this is one huge gemstone. It is a whopping 80,500 carats and displays blue, gold, and grey all within the surface of the stone.

3. Largest collection of earrings.

If you thought your jewelry box was overflowing, you should see Carol McFadden’s. She has been collecting earrings since 1952, and is up to 37,706 different pairs. Actually, we would like to see it – there aren’t any pictures available. It would probably be too difficult to get that many pairs of earrings into frame, though.

2. World’s longest hand made gold chain.

The world's largest gold chain, created in Dubia out of 24k gold.

The longest gold chain was created for the Dubai Shopping Festival’s 20th anniversary by the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group. It was handcrafted from 24k gold, and the final product measured a stunning 5km (that’s over 3 miles!) long. Creating this record-breaker was no small feat, and it took quite a large team of goldsmiths to make it happen. In fact, 100 craftsmen worked on this piece for over 45 days. Attendees at the festival were able to buy sections of the chain and own their own piece of history. How cool!

1. Most diamonds set in one ring.

The record-holding ring for most diamonds in one setting.

The stunning “Peacock Ring,” designed by Savio Jewellery in 2015, consists of 3,827 diamonds with a combined carat weight of 16.5. Its’ value has been estimated at $2,744,525.

What’s really cool about this is that the designers didn’t just cram as many diamonds as possible into a design just to beat a record. They actually designed a statement piece that is elegant and beautifully crafted, to complement the use of so many diamonds.


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