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Pearly Whirly Poem by St. Ephraim of Syria

This poem by St. Ephraim of Syria called “The Pearl”

In the pearl of time
Let us behold that of eternity;
The pearl itself is full,
for its light is full;
Neither is there any cunning worker who can steal from it;
For its wall is its own beauty,
Yea, its guard also!
It lacks not,
since it is entirely perfect.

St. Ephraim of Syria
St. Ephraim of Syria

Pearly Whirly Poem – from a (Sad) Anonymous Middle English Poet

Pearl, pleasant for prince’s joy,
Cleanly closed in gold so clear,
Out of orient, I am bold to say
Never have proved her precious peer
So round, so radiant in every way
So slim, so smooth her sides were,
Wheresoever I judged fair gems
I placed her singly in a class apart.
Alas, I lost her in a garden,
Through grass to ground it from me went.
I pine away, stricken by grieving love
For that secret, spotless pearl.

Pearly Whirly Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Sea Hath Its Pearls by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The sea hath its pearls,

The heaven hath its stars;

But my heart, my heart,

My heart hath its love.


Great are the sea and the heaven,

Yet greater is my heart;

And fairer than pearls and stars

Flashes and beams my love.


Thou little, youthful maiden,

Come unto my great heart;

My heart, and the sea, and the heaven

Are melting away with love!