This Season, it’s Pearls!

When it comes to our jewels, we all have our ‘everyday goes with everything’ category, our ‘night out on the town ’ category, and then there’s the pieces that  should be getting much more attention than they are. Instead, they are hidden in the back of our closet! So, how do we fix this? Either dig out grandma’s pearls from the back of your closet or it’s time to go shopping and find yourself some pearls to call your own!

Let us help…

Pearls are timeless, they can be casual, dressy or fabulously elegant!

For starters:

Not all pearls are white.

Not all pearls are round.

Not all pearls are expensive.

We forgot to mention, when we talk about pearls we are referring to gorgeous genuine pearls from Pearls International!So, what’s “in” for the Spring/Summer of 2012? Pastel pearls! These colors can vary from different shades of pink and peach all the way to a sea-blue/green and our personal favorite, gunmetal grey.

We’ve provided examples of great versatile necklaces right out of our shop that will look amazing this season and quite honestly, for generations to come.

Multicolor 6-6.5mm round pearl rope, no clasp, 64 inch length. Color grades from white through various shades of gray to pink to gray to white.

This necklace begins with white genuine freshwater pearls and gradullly deepens to a lustrous lilac.Each pearl has been hand selected, matched and knotted. Sixty-four inches of ombre pearl perfection!

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