The Perfect Pearl Pick

going pearl shopping, a girl can really get swept away in a fantasy of beauty, and could easily find herself with a wolf in sheep’s clothing. With so many different varieties of pearls today who can possibly know which are the real deal? Before you take a look in that jeweler’s case, you’d better read on.

A white pearl necklace.
A white pearl necklace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tips in finding the Perfect Pearl Pick:

What kind of pearl are you looking at? Always know that a pearl is either cultured or natural. A natural pearl comes directly from an oyster with no human interference, while a cultured pearl has been created through human influence.

Know if it’s worth the money! Usually the best value for cultured pearls are Chinese freshwater pearls. These pearls have a higher quantity of nacre, so they have a better luster, and their low-cost cultivation makes them less expensive, too!

Is that color real? Note to self: not all pearl colors are natural! Those pretty hot-pink pearls you see are often dyed or treated, and that color doesn’t come from Mother Nature!

What the heck is luster? Luster: the thing that brings you closer to the jewelry case, the physical attraction you feel to the necklace you can’t afford! Well that’s sort of the definition; luster is the glow, or the shine that a pearl has. It’s created by the nacre content of the pearl and it’s very important. Luster has a huge effect on the worth of the pearl. Bottom line, if the pearl looks like it slapped on an extra coat of lip gloss, the more the better!

All pearls are round right? If that was your final answer, you would be the Weakest Link! Pearls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and Pearls International carries them all!

Pearls don’t have flaws? Even though we would like to be the first advocate of the perfect pearl, just like Mr. Right, there are no ‘perfect’ pearls, at least not in this reality! Be sure to really look at a pearl before purchasing, no pearl is one hundred percent completely round. (Note to self: Check to be sure some of my ‘real’ pearls aren’t fake!). Ladies, the pearl industry is a booming business–real pearls have flaws, whether in their luster, dents, shape or form, not all pearls are perfect, but there are some the come pretty darn close!

Cheap pearls…no way!!! Let me put it this way, if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is! You get what you pay for! While it’s wise to bargain hunt, it’s wiser to get more bang for your buck. Just because something is on sale, or on clearance doesn’t mean it’s worth your penny. Make sure when you buy pearls to go to someone who actually knows about the jewel, and can answer all of your questions. If you want to buy pearls to pass down for generations to come, make an investment so that your purchase may one day be seen as an inheritance.

Good luck ladies! On your quest to find the perfect pearl, may Pearly Whirly be with you…

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