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Rare Conch Pearl Necklace

Today during our routine web-surfing procrastination efforts, we stumbled upon a truly one-of-a-kind necklace that’s worth $1,118,500. In this economy, you’d better be making the big bucks to afford to purchase anything this exquisite!

The craziest thing about this necklace is that it is made from pearls that have been produced by the conch. A conch! Can you believe it? That’s right, that cone-shaped shell actually produces pearls (Well, sorta. Conch pearls aren’t technically pearls, but that’s a story for another post)! At any rate, the next time you are chowing down on conch fritters, make sure to chew carefully, you just might be eating a fortune!

We can’t get over the cool flame-like patterns on the surface of these treasures. The colors in this piece are perfect for the spring, they look like sweet little candies in yummy strawberry, peach, and lemon!

These pearls are said to be as rare as 1 in 10, 000. Can you imagine finding a pearl in a conch, worth $30,000? View this crazy-cool creation here.