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Pearly Whirly Pearl Fact – What Are Paua Shells?

Did you know…there are BLUE Pearls?

That’s right! The “Paua”  pearl from New Zealand is bright blue!

“Paua” pearls or “abalone” pearls come from the gastropod mollusk, Haliotis. They have a natural iridescence that is rare and seems almost unnatural.

The New Zealand pearl comes in all shades of blue, but it also embodies all of the other colors of the sea – from the blue and green colors of the ocean, to the yellow, red, pink and purple colors of the sunrise and sunset.

Each individual pearl can also have a variety of colors!

The New Zealand Paua can create a beautiful pearl, but New Zealanders know that the meat of the Paua is also a tasty treat.  Therefore, you can wear the pearl it produces, and indulge in the meat from the animal that created it!

In addition to its beautiful pearls and tastiness, the abalone has a variety of significant meanings.

Here are a few:

Paua shells are intimately connected to the sea and represent the tide of emotions;

They are connected to family and particularly motherhood;

They signify harmony in relationships; and

The play and variety of colors represent changes of beauty in existence

So you see the abalone does more than sit at the bottom of the sea, it feeds us, adorns us, and gives us meaning!   Give them a try!