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Pearl Spotlight – Mallorca/Majorica/Majorca Pearls

What are your pearls made of?

Mallorca pearls are man-made pearls from Spain! Wait a minute before you mind starts wandering–they are nothing like Mikimoto pearls (although they may sound similar). Mikimoto is the man accredited with creating the first cultured pearls, and it is the brand name for Japanese Akoya pearls. Mallorca (also known as Majorca or Majorica Pearls) are faux pearls of a high quality.

Mallorca pearls come from Spanish island of Majorca, and are born from glass. Tiny glass balls are dipped into a pearl-like substance then polished to create the Mallorca pearl foundation. This process is repeated several time to produce the perfect “pearl.”

Mallorca pearls were very popular when the process of culturing pearls was new, and true pearls were difficult and expensive to obtain. Today, many Mallorca pearls are antiques, although new pieces are still being manufactured.

Even though these pearls may not actually come from an oyster, they are created to be highly durable. The really busy woman who is rough on jewelry, who usually chips and cracks valuable pieces would look great in these pearls, since these pearls embody the pearl look with all of the the Mallorca strength and life span!