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Vintage Lady with Pearls

Modern Girls and Vintage Pearls

What do Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor all have in common? A love for PEARLS! Pearls are no longer reserved for the necks of royalty and first ladies; they have made their way into the glamour and fashion of today’s top trendsetters.  Although the word “Classy” may no longer be the first word to come to mind, we notice that each woman puts her own personal spin on the way she wears her pearls, from Lady Ga Ga’s pearl encrusted body, to Sara Jessica Parker’s love for layering, to Angelina Jolie’s simple strand. It’s a beautiful thing to see just how versatile pearls can really be. Pearls have proven to be the perfect accessory to any outfit for any occasion! No matter what personal spin these ladies put on their pearls, it proves that pearls have stood the test of time, and ever-changing trends. We expect they’ll continue their reign as the “Queen of Gems and the gem of queens”!


Gorgeous Vintage Pearls


Modern Girls and Their Pearls

Celebration Champagne

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Holiday Shopping Easy-Peasy!

At Pearls International we hope to make your holiday shopping this season unforgettable! Whether you are planning a proposal or seeking that perfect gift to make her eyes light up, here are a few tips to make things just a little bit easier.

[dropcap2]1.[/dropcap2]Holiday hustle and bustle or crowded shopping malls not your thing? Shop online and avoid the stress!

Make your way over to www.PearlsInternational.com and take care of all your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home! Browse our website and find unique items that will make her feel like a rare gem and look exquisite. Keep an eye out for special promotions such as “Free Shipping” or “Free Gift Wrap” and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can’t really go wrong

[dropcap2]2.[/dropcap2]Make a list!

Write down everyone you plan to buy for, even if its something little. Beside each name, write how much you’d like to spend for each gift. This is an easy way to make sure you haven’t forgotten someone and also manage your holiday budget.

[dropcap2]3.[/dropcap2]Be sure to know her ring size!

Ring size? Yes fellas, this number is VERY important when purchasing a ring, ESPECIALLY if you’re proposing! She will not want to wait, we promise! If you aren’t naturally sneaky, we encourage you to ask her best friend, mother or sister. Of course, you could always try out the handy-dandy Pearls International Printable Ring Sizer!

[dropcap2]4.[/dropcap2]Stick to your budget.

There’s no need to skip paying the power bill this month. Pearls International makes it easy to stay within budget (and even have a little left over to treat yourself!) with our Fabulous Finds under $50!

[dropcap2]5.[/dropcap2]When in doubt, get them what they really want.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Why not get a gift card and set a date to go shopping together to pick out exactly what she wants!?

Pearls for Men

Pearls: The Final Frontier in Men’s Fashion?

Did you know the fetish for pearls goes as far back as 520 BC, when the oldest known pearl jewelry was buried with the sarcophagus of a Persian princess?

We were inspired about the history of pearls, and in our travels, we came across a great article over at www.howtobeswell.com. The article made it clear that pearls on men can be totally sexy and would make a great gift for your best guy!

Pearls have a long and storied history, but we think the most interesting thing about pearl fashion is that until very recently, pearls were worn by men as often as they were worn by women!

There was nothing effeminate about the men who wore these pearls. They were the handsome, rich, and powerful leaders of their times, and the pearls they wore only served to underline their influence in their societies. The wealthier you were, the more pearls you could afford. A man wearing ropes and ropes of pearls would have turned heads everywhere he went!

Men didn’t go small with their pearl jewelry, either!  The trend was “more is more” and old portraits show dashing gents simply dripping with the gorgeous jewels. The multiple strand look has proved to be timeless, as you can see even today in the lovely layered look you find on (women’s) fashion runways the world over.

Pearls were prized by men of nearly every major culture, and historians have found evidence of the use of pearls as adornment from places as varied as Britain, China, Greece, and India.


Prince Rana of Dholp
Prince Rana of Dholp: Doing his best to wear as many pearls as possible across his manly muscly chest.
Crown of Henry VII
Recreation of the crown of Henry VIII of England: This guy was the manly-man of his age. No sissy stuff here!
Prince Charles of Wales
Prince Charles of Wales knew how to rock a masculine pair of pearl earrings!
Pearl Merman
This manly merman is made of pearls!

Modern pearl jewelry for men focuses more on increasing the masculinity of the setting the pearl lives in. Leather, chunky metal, and inlay often make an appearance in today’s jewelry. It’s a great balance between the soft satin look of the pearl and the harder edge that today’s men’s fashions require. Pearls easily go from trendy to finely elegant, as seen in these examples:

Men's Pearls
Whoa, studmuffin alert! Look at that pearl! This picture says it all for the man that may be new to wearing pearls. Seriously guys, pearls look hot on you!
Pearls for Men
Wowza! Those pearl cufflinks, rings, and necklaces would make us melt (It might just be his razor-sharp jawline)!
Steven Tyler Pearls
Trend-setting the Steven Tyler way. If Steven can look good in pearls anybody can! We daresay he looks fantastic sporting multiple layers of rugged pearls on leather rope.
Pearl Cufflinks
Pearls have always been a symbol of wealth and prestige. The only factor that has changed is the fashion trend and how we wear them today.

Pearls for every man and every look is the trend for this holiday season.  Timeless, classic, elegant, trendy and sexy.  For the man that has everything, give him a set of pearls!

Since we think it’s important to start teaching “real men” to wear pearls when they are REALLY CUTE LITTLE BOYS, we leave you with this adorable little tyke, rocking the pearl look!

Little boy with pearl



Pearly Whirly Pearl Fact – Who Really Was the First to Cultivate Pearls?

Although Kokichi Mikimoto is credited with discovering how to culture pearls, two other Japanese men, Tokichi Nishikawa and Tatsuhei Mise, also had a hand in the science of pearl cultivation. Eventually  Mikimoto bought out the rights of the other two pearl culturers and started a huge business of pearl culturing. His business eventually became the premier brand of cultured Akoya pearls.

South Sea Pearls

Pearly Whirly Pearl Fact – Name Meanings

The name Margaret translates from Greek and means ‘pearls’. Other similar names such as Margarita, Peggy, Marjorie, Margot, Maggie, Marijuana, Meg, Meggie, Gretchen, Gretal and Rita also mean ‘pearl.’ The name “Pearl” represents preciousness, purity, innocence, and sweetness.



Queen Elizabeth I

Pearly Whirly Pearl Fact – When Did Pearls Gain Popularity?

Pearls were the most popular gemstone for jewelry usage before diamonds were discovered in the early 1700’s (This painting of Queen Elizabeth I shows the queen’s wealth and power by the number of pearls she wears). At the time, diamonds were more affordable than pearls due to the fact that the only way to get pearls was to dive for them. Pearls had been in use already for thousands of years by the time of Elizabeth I. They are referenced in several ancient texts, and always in glowing terms.

Black Oyster Shell

Pearly Whirly Pearl Fact – The Organic Gem

Did you know pearls are the only gemstone made by living animals? All other gemstones and even metals are must be mined out of the earth, but the pearl’s beauty comes straight from the seas or rivers. Many types of gems are naturally occurring, and gemstones are minerals which are cut and polished to create an effect suitable for wearing as jewelry. Pearls, however, do not need to be cut or polished in order to see their luster and beauty, and are absolutely perfect the moment they are removed from an oyster. That’s what makes pearls the perfect gem stone!


Ocean View

Legends of the Pearl

Taking a break from feeding you information and facts about pearls, I came across these legends and found them to be very interesting! The Arab legend really makes the oyster seem like such a unique little creature!

“According to Arab legend; Pearls come into being from dewdrops, which fall from heaven on the night of the full moon.  The oysters then carry away into the depths of the sea, a little of that marvelous light from the star that marks out our time – and the pearl is born.” Oysters are so fascinating!

“It is said that the Roman General Vitellius financed an entire military campaign by selling just one of his mother’s earrings.” That’s unbelievable!

“According to Chinese tradition, pearls bring love, money, protection and luck. Pearls are also thought to quicken the laws of karma, keep children safe and strengthen love relationships. Pearls have also always been symbols of purity and innocence.” We like to think our pearls will do the same!

“The pearl is the only gem that can emerge from nature perfect and complete. Unlike diamonds and other gemstones, it does not require cutting and polishing to reveal its beauty. It is nature’s perfection in a luminous droplet.”

It’s true, if you’ve never opened an oyster to find a pearl…YOU NEED TO!

Order your own oyster today!

Quotes from mermaidpearls.com

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Beautiful Pearls

Pearly Whirly Pearl Fact – Oyster Health

Did you know harvesting pearls from mollusks does not kill the animals? Pearl farmers are very careful to preserve each oyster in order to re-use the animal to create more pearls. A harvester carefully slides his or her blade in between the bivalve and gently pries the shells apart. A plug is inserted to keep the mollusk open while the pearl can be extracted. The oyster is then left to recuperate before another irritant insertion.

Gorgeous Pearls

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