Soufflé Pearls: Good Enough to Eat?

Now. We aren’t recommending pulling a Cleopatra, but we just had to show you these amazing new pearls! A relatively new development in the pearl world, soufflé pearls, with their very fitting name, do actually look good enough to eat! The adjective “souf-fléed” means “made light” and usually refers to baking or cooking, but the name is very appropriate for the unusual process that is used to make these beautiful gems. They are nucleated with sun-dried mud (yes, really), that is removed once the pearl has been drilled.

A soufflé pearl that has been cut in half
This is what a soufflé pearl that has been cut in half looks like. Neat, huh?
Soufflé Pearl cut in half, mud nucleus still inside
Soufflé Pearl cut in half, mud nucleus still inside.

This makes the pearls much lighter than they appear, and such was almost the end of soufflé pearls. Pearls are sold by weight, so the producer of these hollow pearls thought that they would not be worth much. However, the response to the amazing natural color and luster of these pearls was overwhelming, and they began to gain popularity. Buyers and the press alike were astounded by the broad range of colors these gems were found in without any sort of enhancement. Soufflé pearls come in your traditional whites, off-whites, peaches, and grays, as well as greens, golds, blues, purples, and even orange and red tones came be seen in these astounding gems. Experts believe that metal oxides and other elements in the soil that they are nucleated with attributes to this incredible spectrum of colors.

Soufflé Pearls with incredible color
Take a look at the bold oranges and greens on these pearls! How many colors do you see?


Metallic pearls that look gittery
These soufflé pearls almost look like they have glitter in them!

Not to mention, soufflé pearls average in size from 13-25mm, so you get all the advantages of having a huge, glorious piece of pearl jewelry without worrying about your necklace weighing you down!

Soufflé Jewelry
Some examples of the amazing variances in color you can see in soufflé pearls!


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