Expert Jewelry Repair by Pearls International

You deserve a better jeweler. Someone who will take their time with each and every one of your treasured pieces–Not a jeweler who will rush through the work and do a shabby job. You deserve the kind of quality workmanship you can only get at Pearls International. Contact us today for more information!

Checkups and Repairs

Do you suspect your jewelry is overdue for a checkup? Sometimes your jewelry just needs a little TLC. Pearls International has full service repair capability and quick turnaround times. Bring in your under-loved jewelry and Pearls International will make them good as new!

Pearl Re-stringing

Yes! We string and re-string pearls! Is your old pearl necklace looking a bit shabby due to age or a broken strand?  Do you have loose pearls from a vintage piece that you would like to incorporate into something more modern?  Pearls International is the place to bring them back to life.


Yep. Rings that are too small or too large can be made to fit; necklaces can be lengthened or shortened; bracelet sizes can be altered!

Check out our Ring Sizing Policy.

Metal Work 

We can even re-attach pieces that have broken off or add something more to a piece you already have.

Stone Setting

Do you have a ring with no stone or a stone with no ring?  Pearls International has a great selection of gemstones, pearls and mountings to suit your particular style!  If your ring and stone have parted, we can put them back together for you!

Clasp Repairs

Broken clasp? Clasps can be repaired or replaced and – Voila! Your favorite necklace can be enjoyed again!

Lost Earrings

Lost just one of your favorite earrings? Have it converted into a pendant and pick out a set of earrings to go with it!


We have a couple of professional un-tanglers here at Pearls International!  Let them separate those impossible chains so that you can wear them again!  In most cases, this service is completely FREE!


Please contact Pearls International Customer Care at 386.767.3473 or email us at for more information about our comprehensive expert repair services!

By contracting the repair services of Pearls International, you agree that neither Pearls International,, nor its employees will be held liable for any jewelry or other items lost or damaged while in transit or due to transit issues; and that any damage or loss due to the negligence of Pearls International,, or its employees will be limited to the cost of repair or replacement of the jewelry or other item(s) and will not, in any case, exceed the value listed above


See our Terms and Conditions and our FAQ for more details. 

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  1. This is beautifully Shared! Thank You For this Crucial Information about the Pearls. The Pearls are the Part of Our life. I’m just getting started and was feeling quite overwhelmed. Ahhh,but there you were!! So VERY helpful. thanks so much.

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