How do I remove a stuck ring? Warm weather tips!

Pearls International is based in sunny Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, where the winters are warm and the summers are warmer! We get a lot of customers in who have purchased jewelry in cooler parts of the country, and are horrified to discover that when they arrive in Florida, their fingers swell from the heat and their rings won’t come off!

While we do offer ring cutting services, it’s always best to avoid damaging the piece (and your finger!) if possible. Try out these handy tips before cutting your ring, but remember, safety first! If your finger is losing circulation or turning funny colors, it’s time to go to the emergency room.

[dropcap2]1.[/dropcap2]Hold your arm over your head for a few moments while gently massaging your finger. This will allow gravity to pull the excess fluid in your finger back toward your heart, which may help loosen your ring.

[dropcap2]2.[/dropcap2]Run your hand under cool water to reduce swelling (be careful not to make the water too cold, you don’t want to give yourself frostbite!). We suggest placing a soft cloth over the drain just in case your ring slips off unexpectedly.

[dropcap2]3.[/dropcap2]Use a bit of soap on the ring to make your finger more slippery. Try to get some of the soap underneath the ring and then use a twisting motion while pulling in order to remove the ring.

[dropcap2]4.[/dropcap2]If you have some handy, silicone anti-chafing spray (the kind used by athletes, we use this in the store) makes an excellent ring removal tool. Simply spray it on and slip your ring off your finger. You’ll need to use some soap and water to clean your ring off  afterward, but it’s safe for gems and metals.

[dropcap2]5.[/dropcap2]When all else fails, use our secret weapon: dental floss! Wrap a good length of floss around your finger, starting at your first knuckle and moving toward the ring. You’ll want your finger to look like a dental floss mummy. You’ll need to work quickly, as you will be limiting circulation to your finger. When you have wrapped your finger all the way, use a blunt tool like a paperclip or hairpin to tuck the end of the floss underneath your ring. Using the dental floss as leverage, scoot the ring down onto the wrapped part of your finger (which should be smaller from being wrapped). Pull the end of the floss toward the tip of your finger, and your ring should come right off!

Floss Trick

These tips work most of the time, and Pearls International is available for those rare occasions you might need to have your ring removed using other methods. Just remember, your fingers are more important than your jewelry. If you experience any loss of sensation or if your finger is not getting any circulation, please seek medical attention immediately. It’s also a good idea not to wear your ring again until after you’ve had it properly sized or the swelling in your fingers has gone down. Contact us for information about ring sizing and other repairs!

More tips coming soon!

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