Reasons to Shop Small

As some of you may know, Small Business Saturday is coming up this weekend on November 26th. Small Business Saturday was designed to help recognize, promote and show support for locally owned businesses all over the country. Here are just a few reasons to keep mom-and-pop shops in your community in mind this year, and especially this weekend, for your shopping needs.

1) When you buy from a locally owned business, more than 50% of the money you spend stays in the community.

2) Small businesses provide more jobs locally, helping the economy in your town.

3) Locally owned businesses create products and services based on their own interests, rather than corporate-controlled national sales plans, so with more small businesses comes a greater variety of purchase choices. And that is just one way mom-and-pop shops help keep our community unique.

4) Smaller businesses are more likely to give back. Non-profit organizations receive an average of 250% more support from small businesses than they do from larger companies.

5) Your local business cares about YOU. Mom-and-pop shops tend to be friendlier, more hospitable, and take the extra time and effort to get to know their customers. Employees at small businesses in your town are more likely to recognize, remember, and support you.

Join us this weekend in supporting your favorite Daytona Beach Shores business with our Open House Sale! Come out, have some fun, support your local economy, and start checking off your shopping list for this Holiday Season. We’ll have in-store specials for 60% Off Gold Plate Jewelry, Holiday Layaway, and 20% off Gift Cards all weekend!


*This post was originally posted on November 6th, 2015 and updated November 22nd, 2016 for relevancy.

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