Legends of the Pearl

Taking a break from feeding you information and facts about pearls, I came across these legends and found them to be very interesting! The Arab legend really makes the oyster seem like such a unique little creature!

“According to Arab legend; Pearls come into being from dewdrops, which fall from heaven on the night of the full moon.  The oysters then carry away into the depths of the sea, a little of that marvelous light from the star that marks out our time – and the pearl is born.” Oysters are so fascinating!

“It is said that the Roman General Vitellius financed an entire military campaign by selling just one of his mother’s earrings.” That’s unbelievable!

“According to Chinese tradition, pearls bring love, money, protection and luck. Pearls are also thought to quicken the laws of karma, keep children safe and strengthen love relationships. Pearls have also always been symbols of purity and innocence.” We like to think our pearls will do the same!

“The pearl is the only gem that can emerge from nature perfect and complete. Unlike diamonds and other gemstones, it does not require cutting and polishing to reveal its beauty. It is nature’s perfection in a luminous droplet.”

It’s true, if you’ve never opened an oyster to find a pearl…YOU NEED TO!

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Quotes from mermaidpearls.com

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