Jewelry Travel Tips: Keep your jewelry safe this summer!

Road trip season is upon us again, and for many of us jewelry lovers, that means a jumble of tangled chains and broken earrings in the bottom of a suitcase. What’s more, we always seem to bring too much jewelry, which puts our stash at risk of loss, damage, or theft. So what’s a jewelry-loving girl to do?

[dropcap2]1.[/dropcap2]First, it’s important to know which pieces are appropriate to take with you. Just as you wouldn’t want to lug your entire wardrobe on a backpacking trip across Europe, you don’t want to take every piece of jewelry in your collection when you go on vacation. Stick with simple, classic pieces that complement a variety of outfits, and limit yourself to just one or two “statement” pieces to wear for special nights out. It’s also a good idea to leave anything flashy or expensive at home, as these pieces can make you a target for thieves and pickpockets. A simple pair of stud earrings and a classic everyday pendant makes an excellent foundation when it comes to travel accessories.

[dropcap2]2.[/dropcap2]Organize, organize, organize! This means no chucking your beautiful pearls in with your soggy beach towel and dirty undies. A travel jewelry case is never a bad idea, although it can take up valuable real estate in your luggage. If you need to keep things tidy on a smaller scale, try using a travel-sized pill case to keep earrings together (or stick stud earrings through the holes in a button!). A hard-shell sunglass case is another excellent storage solution. Storing your jewelry in small plastic bags can avoid snags, and one easy way to prevent chains from tangling is to thread one end through a bendy straw, then attach the clasp!

Threading a necklace through a straw prevents tangles

[dropcap2]4.[/dropcap2]Plan to add to your collection during your journey. Vacations are an excellent time to pick up a memory or two, and jewelry is a wonderful keepsake to help you remember all of the wonderful times you spent while you were off exploring the world. When you select a new piece, be sure to shop at a locally-owned jeweler, and try to pick a piece that reminds you of your destination! 

[dropcap2]4.[/dropcap2]Insure your jewelry before traveling, and take photos of each piece for your records. This way, if any of your jewelry should be lost, you’ll have photos to give to your insurance company, as well as a way to recreate a favorite piece, should you choose to do so. Be smart–keep your jewelry with you, don’t leave it in your hotel room, and don’t advertise that you’re traveling with expensive pieces.

We hope these tips help you enjoy your jewelry all journey long! Bon Voyage!

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