Special Events

Host your Special Event with Pearls International!

Ready to embrace your moment?

Be the hostess with the mostest when you book your special event or fundraiser at Pearls International!

In addition to attending events in the community, where you may see our smiling faces from behind a table covered in a lovely array of pearl jewelry, Pearls International is also proud to host events right here in our gorgeous store in Daytona Beach, Florida!

We have a beautiful venue with many Options and Amenities that is perfect for office parties, fundraising galas, Girl’s Night Out, and pretty much any other idea you can come up with!  We even have a tinkly blue topaz chandelier for ambiance!

Speaking of Ideas for Your Event, there are more than enough ideas for your event right here at Pearls International. Let our Pearl Girls know that you’d like to do something, and we’ll put our creative powers into action to design an event that’s truly unique!

If you’re considering Pearls International as the venue for your Fundraiser, please let us know how we can work with you to help promote your charity or non-profit organization.

Schedule your event today!

Just contact Pearls International Customer Care at 386.767.3473 or email us at customercare@pearlsinternational.com to get started!

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