Fundraising with Pearls International

Fundraising with Pearls International

One of the primary missions of Pearls International is to be a venue through which community and charitable organizations can raise funds.  Pearls International caters to the small non-profit or charitable group which can sometimes be overlooked by larger fundraising organizations.

With Pearls International, you have an opportunity to present your non-profit or charitable organization in a professional and exciting way to increase public interest and bring larger investments to your cause.

We are pleased to assist you in any possible way with your fund-raising needs and wish you and your organization great success!

Option 1: Evening Gala

Pearls International will offer a 20% donation of profits from sales during a one-night event to be hosted at Pearls International or a location of your organization’s choice.

Option 2: Awareness Month

Pearls International will offer a 20% donation of profits from sales during a month-long period for sales online or in-store for which customers indicate their association with your organization.

Option 3: Custom Color Ribbon Necklace

Pearls International will donate 50% of the sales price of any custom Pearls International Signature Awareness Ribbon necklaces sold during a given time period.


Pearls International is happy to provide in-store advance advertising and ticket sales, along with a marquee announcement and mention in the seasonal newsletter. We can also provide design services for any print or electronic advertisements. Click here to view a list of our amenities.

From the Pearls International Mission Statement:

“We propose to set the pace for new businesses of many kinds to spring up with a plan to assist community charitable organizations in their master business plans, not just as an “add on” but businesses programmed to be active participants in their communities from the start.” 
– Marty Stradley, President

More Information

For more information or to schedule a fundraiser for your non-profit or charitable organization, please contact Pearls International at 386.767.3473 or email us at Thank you for considering Pearls International for your fundraising needs. We look forward to working with you!

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