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Freebies Abound at Pearls International

True or False: Nothing in life is free.


Whoever said you can’t get something for nothing had never been to Pearls International! Around here, we offer lots of free stuff! Check out these awesome, 100% FREE things you can get from Pearls International!

FREE Shipping!

That’s right! We offer FREE standard shipping on orders of $99 or more. That makes it so easy to remember.

FREE Jewelry Cleaning!

Bring in your lovely but much worn pieces and we will clean them up for you in a quick minute, at NO CHARGE!

FREE Chocolates!

When you buy something beautiful from the shop, help yourself to a FREE Ghirhardelli chocolate!  We think pearls and chocolate go very well together! (We even throw in a FREE chocolate when we ship something to you!)

FREE Personal Shopping Consultants!

Fill out your Personal Style Questionnaire online or call one of the Pearl Girls to go over it with you.  We will shop through our entire inventory for you and present the items that match your style and taste.  We love to shop!

FREE Untangling!

You may be surprised to find that we have some people who love to untangle things, and they do it for fun!  If you have a hopelessly entangled knot of chains or other jewelry, we’ll be more than happy to get you all straightened out, NO CHARGE!

FREE Ring Sizing!

Use our handy Ring Sizer on the website, or come into the shop and we’ll help you measure all your fingers and toes for FREE!

FREE Gift Wrap!

When your web order is over $99, we include a FREE gift wrap upon request!

FREE Consultations!

Have a wedding or special occasion?  Come in and try on your outfit(s) along with all the pearl jewelry you would like, to find out which is the absolute best combination for you!  If you are looking for bridesmaids’ gifts, we give away two (2) pair of stud earrings FREE when you buy the first three pair!

FREE Venue!

Planning a fundraiser or special event?  Pearls International is a FREE venue that can be fun and interactive for your event.  We would love to help you with your fundraiser or have your special event, surrounded by jewels, right here in our beautiful shop!

FREE Pearl Perks!

Besides all the cool services and products we give away, you can also have a Pearl Party!  If you have a Pearl Party, you will receive a whole list of FREE accessories and gifts, including Pearl Points for FREE Pearl Jewelry from Pearls International!

Enter to win even more FREE stuff!

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