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Parade judges view a special performance

Marty’s Corner Winter 2012

The Holidays are finally here, after all the planning, decorating, creating and displaying – I think we’re ready!  Stop by  the shop or website and see an amazing display of nature’s best!

Beautifully decorated cases at Pearls International

The latest:  We had a “tornado” by the name of Cherise Wintz come through our lives this last month- a smallish human with a heart of cyclonic proportions, who took it upon herself to pull together an entire holiday parade!  – Nevermind that there has not been a parade in our town for fourteen years – Nevermind that the idea didn’t even come up until sometime in late summer –  She decided, and that was that!  So, last Saturday, she pulled it off in grand style!  If you don’t believe it, you can view the photos on our Pearls International Facebook Page.

Parade judges view a special performance

The motive – Cherise was raising funds for Operation Changing Lives, a group of doctors who perform facial surgeries for cleft palates here and overseas, helping those who can’t help themselves.  What an inspiration Cherise is to all of us, and she pulled it off.  We were all honored to be a part of this great undertaking and moved that one human got all of us to take our minds off the daily grind for a moment and think about someone else.  Thanks, Cherise!

Cute kids perform for a good cause

‘Til next time!
-Marty (and Jim!)

Happy Holidays from Jim and Marty!


Marty’s Corner Spring 2012

Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the Infinite”.  – Francis Bacon

We are all involved with “Beauty” this season!

First, of course we have the beautiful pearls in a beautiful pearl shop by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean!

Then we had a beautiful table set up at the recent open house sponsored by wedding planner Rachael Kasie (see our Facebook for more photos) and enjoyed all the beautiful flower arrangements and wedding decorations, amazing art by Michael’s Photography & Video, fancy finger foods from Chef Papas catering, beautiful music by Mister DJ Entertainment, stunning hairstyles from Bei Capelli Salon, gorgeous wedding gowns by Bridal Ltd. and of course unparalleled pearl jewelry from Pearls International!

Click to see more photos on Facebook!

Next, I was appointed to the Board of Beautification for the City of Daytona Beach Shores to help beautify our city and enhance our businesses and residences here.  It will be a new endeavor and an avenue for Pearls International to give back to the community and be more in touch with the beautiful people who live and work here!

Now, we are getting ready to beautify the Wyndham Resort with another display of beautiful pearls and oysters in a fountain!  What fun!

Can you believe that we are celebrating our THIRD anniversary this month which means we have had three whole years of BEAUTY!

What can be more beautiful than that?

‘Til next time – Marty