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About Pearls International

Who We Are

Treasured by women from the cradle of civilization, pearls have now come of age and are waiting for you at Pearls International to admire, enjoy, and share with future generations.

The leading destination for exquisite genuine pearl jewelry, we offer quality pieces at affordable prices to customers who demand a personalized shopping experience. Our beautiful pearls and creative designs are ‘anything but ordinary’.

For years, the mission of the folks at Pearls International has been to bring our favorite obsession to the masses – Pearls! We believe that nature and artistic expression form two parts of a great whole: Nature provides the pearls, and our skilled craftsmen and artisans provide the artistic expression! The result is a finished product that is more than the sum of its parts. Our genuine unique and amazing pearl pieces will set your heart aflutter because they were designed to help you express your individual style and creativity!

Pearls International is working hard to change the way business is conducted by making sustainability a part of every decision. We constantly strive to make our business more environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and just plain fun for your shopping pleasure!

Pearls International. Be anything but ordinary.

What Drives Us

As part of a five-generation legacy, our designers offer longevity and experience in the jewelry business that gives us a unique perspective.

Our inspiration? Stories like these.

With that in mind, we carefully select each pearl with an eye for its value and endurance.  After all, your pearls are so special that you will want to hand them down to the next generation!  The pearls you’ve always wanted come straight from our workshop to you and 100% of our pearl products are guaranteed.  Every exquisite genuine pearl item is professionally designed to highlight the unique elegance of each pearl, and can be worn with any outfit, from casual to cocktail!

Your Pearls International jewelry will be one-of-a kind, just like you!

Our Expertise

Regarded as one of the world’s most talented gem cutters, our master craftsman and jeweler, Jim Stradley, is commissioned by investors, gem merchants and collectors from around the world to procure and create some of the finest and most unusual gems ever discovered, many of which have found their way into prestigious collections and museums throughout the world, including the Smithsonian Institute.

Stradley makes most of the jewelry you will find in our shop and on the Pearls International website.  He can usually be found happily at work at his workbench producing some of the most beautiful creations we’ve ever seen.  He continues to share his wisdom and experience with the Pearls International Pearl Girls, our resident pearl style specialists!

Meet the Pearls International Pearl Girls (and Guy)!

Our Goals

1. We Believe Customer Care Should Actually Care

Let us spoil you a little. Call us to chat or shoot us an email and you’ll see why our customers rave about Pearls International. We all want you to be absolutely delighted with every pearl piece you find on our site. If you’re not, you can return it. Or exchange it. Or resize it. Every piece has a one year warranty and shipping is FREE on orders over $99. What’s not to like?  Check out our Policies.

2. We Believe in Good Looks That Last

Every pearl, hand-selected.  Every detail, crafted with care.  We make your jewelry the way you would (if you were a master craftsman with a lot of time on your hands.)  And our pieces are pretty on the inside too, thanks to our commitment to use as many ethically sourced materials as possible.

3. We Believe in Fashion for a Great Cause

Pearls International is dedicated to giving back. That’s why we routinely partner with charitable organizations to support good works in the community. Whether it is an evening gala to raise awareness or a fundraising drive to make crucial services available for people in need, we take every opportunity help make our corner of the world just a bit brighter!

Check back often to find out more about your chance to be a part of something big!

Contact Us

Give us a shout! You can reach us at 386.767.3473 or email us at customercare@pearlsinternational.com


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