Pearls International Gives Back

Pearls International Gives Back

Pearls International is working hard to make our little corner of the world just a little bit brighter. Here are just a few of the ways we are giving back!

Fashion for a Good Cause

When we first opened Pearls International, we had a goal.  We wanted to build a company that actively supported less fortunate individuals in our communities.  As a result, we adopted a policy of social responsibility that supports local charities and non-profit organizations who are working to better our world.  Pearls International is dedicated to helping build our shared communities’ future, one person at a time.

Partnering with Pearls International

Fifty percent.  That’s how much Pearls International will donate to local charities for every purchase of these Pearls International Signature Ribbon and Pearl necklaces.  For just $59.95, you can use your signature style to help support some of the most effective and valuable organizations operating in our communities.  You will get to take home a beautiful, genuine freshwater pearl pendant on a ribbon necklace.  The color of the ribbon you choose indicates your support for your cause.

Pearls International partners only with organizations known for their ethics and their responsibility to their constituents.  We carefully vet each organization to make sure that your charitable donation will have the best impact for your cause.  Pearls International is proud to partner with you to truly promote a better future for our shared communities.  Thank you for lending your support!

Be a Part of the Action!

We invite you to join with Pearls International and our partner organizations to raise awareness in our shared communities! Whenever you purchase a Pearls International Signature Ribbon and Pearl Necklace, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to local charities to benefit the work they do to support our communities. But that’s not all!  When you use the coupon code “payitforward” at checkout to buy any other eligible item or items,  Pearls International will donate a full 20% of the proceeds of your purchase to local charities! Thank you for your continued participation and support – it is appreciated! Does your non-profit organization want more information about partnering with Pearls International?  Click here to learn about Fundraising with Pearls International!

Ethically Sourced Pearls 

Pearls International is changing the way the pearl industry does business.  We are committed to protecting our customers as much as possible from unethical trading practices, and we seek to educate consumers about pearls and their cultivation.  We work to ensure that our pearls are handled according to very strict environmental, labor, and trade protocols.

Environmental Impact

Pearls International pearls are carefully hand-selected at the source, and we support sustainable pearl cultivation practices for all of our products.  Pearls International only collects pearls that are approved by governmental regulations in order to help reduce our impact on oyster populations.  Through these actions, we and our partners are beginning the long process of working toward replenishing endangered oysters in the wild.

We recognize that the best pearls come from happy and healthy oysters, so we work to encourage our suppliers to utilize the most humane practices possible, including keeping their shells healthy, minimizing trauma during cultivation and transport, and limiting habitat stresses on their oysters.

Human Impact

Pearls International is a partner in a legendary industry.  As a participant in this heritage, it is our responsibility to work toward a brighter future for everyone involved.  That’s why we oppose outdated pearl collection methods that force workers risk to their health and well- being during pearl cultivation.  Pearls International practices safe-standards for our workers through every stage of the process, and we advocate that all workers be guaranteed a safe and healthy work environment and receive a fair wage and compensation for their hard work.  Collectively, we can improve conditions for workers in the pearl industry.

Sustainable Practices

Pearls International recognizes that sustainability starts at home.  That’s why every decision we make keeps the future of the environment at the forefront.

Thinking Green

Pearls International thinks green!  Whether it be using fewer paper products or simply turning out the lights whenever we leave a room, we are working to promote a culture of ‘less is more’. Pearls International has adopted new packaging materials that are made primarily of recycled fibers, and we try to limit our paper correspondence to the bare minimum.  The majority of our business communication now takes place via email!

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Preserving Resources

Pearls International is making an effort to minimize our carbon footprint.  In addition to taking steps to use less energy, we encourage our employees to e-commute whenever possible to limit their use of fossil fuels.  This has the added benefit of reducing commute time and giving our Pearl Girls more time with their friends and families–happy families create happy communities!


Please feel free to contact Pearls International Customer Care if you have any questions about our policies or our involvement in our communities!  Call us at 386.767.3473 or email

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